Sometimes, we deal with stressful situations and challenging moments in life. While these moments may seem overwhelming, feel like you can’t catch a break or that things are not working out, you don’t have to deal with them alone. Whether you need traditional counseling or sex therapy services, you will receive the best mental health services tailored to your needs so that you can heal, learn, and grow. 

Christopher Ortega, LPC

I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and sex therapist. I obtained my master's degree in clinical mental health counseling from Capella University and earned my certificate in sex therapy at Antioch University.

As a trained therapist, I work with you to help you understand more about yourself, help you discover and change unhealthy behaviors, help you develop healthy goals, and help you learn practical coping skills on your healing journey. 

I use this metaphor when I describe the counseling process. "I am the grocery store, providing access to the items you need; however, you are the cook and must use those items to make something out of them." Essentially, I can provide you with all the skills in the world, but you must actively use them to promote change. While that might sound scary or daunting initially, I will work closely with you to help guide you in this journey of change and self-understanding.

I offer individual therapy, couples counseling, and sex therapy. I practice from a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) approach but incorporate many other theoretical orientations and mindfulness techniques, as eclecticism is the best approach. As they say, one size doesn't fit all, so rest easy that we will work together to find the best treatment to suit your needs.

As a sex therapist, I am trained to address sexual health issues and concerns. Often, we hold stigma around the topic of sex, but many mental health concerns can lead to sexual concerns, just as sexual health concerns can lead to mental health concerns. I offer a sex-positive approach and work with a variety of concerns and sexual minority populations. Whether your concern is focused on sexual dysfunction, needing gender-affirming care, dealing with relationship issues (including polyamory), exploring more about yourself sexually, discovering new kinks, or just needing someone to talk to, I am here to provide a safe and healing environment. 

I do want to clarify that sex therapy does not involve any touching, sexual interaction, or any inappropriate contact (physical, verbal, and so forth) between the therapist and the client. We will adhere to strict boundaries and maintain a professional and therapeutic relationship.


Phone: 810-214-0133

Email: Scheduling@hiddenwithincounseling.com

Office Location

I am currently only offering Telehealth until my office opens up. If you desire in-person appointments, I can inform you when my office is established or provide a referral. Since I am doing Telehealth, I can see you regardless of where you live as long as you are in the state of Michigan. 

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Phone: 810-214-0133

Email: Scheduling@hiddenwithincounseling.com

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